IDNS has been designing audio visual solutions for educational and corporate customers across the UK for many years. Utilising the in house design team members and their respective specialisms has allowed IDNS to achieve many recent wins with Universities and corporate clients across the Country with individual contract values reaching in excess of £1 million.

IDNS consult with the client in a full partnership manner resulting in a fully iterative process of continual dialogue. For example, in two recent new build contracts for one of the oldest and most famous Universities in the UK, IDNS was given a draft statement of requirements from which designs were to be built and costed accordingly. IDNS then began a consultation period with the respective stake holders to refine requirements in order to fully understand the requirements, compile a vision statement and assist with the full audio visual solution design.

During the consultation period IDNS will liaise with the differing stakeholders which may include, but not be limited to:

  • Technical staff
  • Teaching staff
    • Academics
    • Support staff
  • Admin staff
  • Building contractor
  • Estates Department
  • Students
  • Operations teams

Depending upon the project requirements IDNS and the client’s main project team will assemble a number of steering groups to meet with in order to document the associated requirements from each group. This allows IDNS and the client to develop the Audio Visual Vision report thus fully documenting the user requirements for each space from not just the staff perspective but also from the student experience point of view.

During this process IDNS will, where appropriate, bring the respective hardware manufacturers into the client to discuss requirements and to present product roadmap information to ensure solutions being considered don’t just include current technologies but also take into consideration upcoming product developments as well

The compiled report will take into account the differing relationships between the various stakeholders in order to ensure the proposals are realistic. Experience has shown IDNS that a non realistic proposal can build the user’s expectations beyond the budget’s capabilities resulting in disappointment and receiving a lack lustre response. Post first draft document presentation IDNS will then convene subsequent steering group meetings to further present ideas / concepts / proposals in response to the initial meeting’s findings and resultant report collation.

Once IDNS has further understood the respective stakeholder’s requirements, had feedback from proposals / concept presentations, IDNS may then work with the client’s Project Team to install sample / exemplar test rooms representing the concepts and proposals discussed during the meetings. The stakeholders would then be encouraged to use the rooms in general use the better to receive real life use feedback enabling IDNS to refine the proposed solutions further.