At the start of a project the PM will meet with the client to discuss the project brief, the project vision, the required timescales and any pre-requisite requirements such as specific hardware manufacturers to include i.e. Extron, Panasonic etc. The meeting begets a project reference number generated within the IDNS Project Management App resulting in a project file being created to start collating the project data and information.

The App is an IDNS hosted utility used to hold all information relevant to the project starting with project brief, site contact details, site surveys right through to schematics, Risk Assessments; through to project sign off.

During Site survey and initial meetings The IDNS representative(s) attending site completes the relevant forms and data inputs on an Ipad with information gathered to include room specific photos etc. This documentation then becomes part of the main job sheet for the engineers to work from. This information held within the App becomes the central knowledgebase of all things relating the project ensuring full and immediate information access for anyone within IDNS or the client through the IDNS hosted portal. As the work comes to completion all serial numbers are input into the App providing the client with an easy to use Asset list and database of hardware installed with serial numbers for asset tagging etc.

At all times the Client has live access to the app database through the IDNS hosted portal and a client specific web login. This allows the client; and their respective representative(s), to have immediate, up to date, progress reports on the project without having to leave their desk.

Both client and IDNS have found the use of the App acting as a knowledgebase and database of all information relating to the project a perfect tool for ensuring continuity of project delivery information both throughout and after a project implementation. IDNS always endeavour to maintain continuity of Project Manager throughout a project. However, the App does allow for replacement PM to pick the project up with ease should the Primary PM be unavailable through for example ill health. IDNS hear of instances where such an unforeseen occurrence as staff illness has had a huge detrimental effect on a project – this is truly alleviated with the IDNS App.